Commercial Fueling Systems

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Automotive Fuel System in Southern Idaho

Diversified Systems, Inc. is a well-known, local company providing fuel management systems for commercial fuel sites. We provide all necessary supplies and accessories, as well as service, for vehicle fueling systems for a variety of industries, including emergency fuel storage and dispensing. Whether you are interested in having a new fuel site installed or need service for a currently operating site, we can help! Contact us at (208) 344-8607 for additional information. We provide installation services across Idaho and Eastern Oregon and offer repair services within a wide radius of our Boise base.
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Double Wall Fuel Tanks

A commercial fuel site requires many working parts, including an onsite above ground  or underground fuel storage tank  and a dispensing system with a pump, piping system, meters, hoses, nozzles, and other accessories to get the fuel from the tank to the vehicle. We are committed to providing only the best products and service to our customers, whether you are looking for underground fuel storage, mobile, or farm fuel tanks.

We provide fueling supplies and services for the following industries:
               -commercial trucking companies
               -car dealerships
               -mining companies
               -government agencies
               -aviation fuel sites
               -government fleets
               -contractors who need on-site fuel
               -companies with mobile fueling equipment
               - farm or ranch fueling
               *please note, we do not provide products or service for retail fuel systems*

 We offer both products and service for the equipment on fuel delivery trucks as well as fuel transport and bulk fuel storage tanks.


When any part of your fuel system is not functioning properly, it affects the entire operation as well as your business productivity. With many years of experience, we can keep your fuel site running efficiently. For help designing a new system or repairing a broken diesel or gasoline storage or dispensing system component, contact us online or by phone at (208) 344-8607.

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