Waste Oil Storing and Burners


Used Waste Oil Storage & Furnace
in Southern Idaho 

When it comes to heating your industrial or commercial space, a NAMPA E-LOGIC waste oil furnace can provide a forced heating system that is both cost and energy-efficient. By burning your accumulations of used motor oil in a small or large waste oil burning heater, you can cut your energy bill and dispose of your used oil properly. To learn more about the best waste oil furnace for your space, contact Diversified Systems Idaho at (208) 344-8607 or online. We serve areas in Eastern Oregon, Northern Nevada, and all across the state of Idaho.
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Waste Oil Storage Tank

Our waste oil storage containers are double wall EPA and fire-code-approved tanks for collecting and storing used oil. With both an inner and outer tank, these industrial storage tanks prevent the chemicals from leaking into the environment. Once your used oil storage containers are full, we can help you with proper disposal. Another smart option is a used oil burner heater or a furnace that burns used motor oil and can eliminate the heating costs of the shop.

Used, Old Engine Oil Burner

Many companies purchase a waste oil furnace or boiler to save money and eliminate possible liability exposure in the chain of custody. But another huge advantage is to use an environmentally friendly method to dispose of waste fluids and heat the work area at the same time in cold months. Burning waste oil has nearly twice the energy value of coal and using a furnace or heater that burns used motor oil ensures that it is disposed of properly without harming the sensitive environment. Why choose a waste oil burner heater?
  • Cost-efficient
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Conserves natural resources
  • Eliminates disposal liability risk
  • Efficient source of heat
  • Long-lasting
  • Low maintenance
  • Lower up-front investment
In addition to used oil tanks and waste oil-burning stoves, we provide a variety of automotive and truck service equipment, including universal car lifts, commercial shop air compressors, wheel balancing and alignment, and fluid dispensing systems. For a company that can help you with all your emergency gasoline storage tank, commercial fueling systems, and vehicle equipment needs, call us at (208) 344-8607.
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